Break-in Protection

Break-in Protection

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Some people believe in protecting their home by having a dog to notify them or an alarm that will sound when an intruder is attempting to break-in. These are good to have but what if you are not home when the attempted break-in occurs? A burglar is usually aware of the security that a home has. They generally are looking for those homes where the homeowner has failed to secure the home with the type of security that can be compromised. They will also watch your home, waiting for the opportunity to break-in. They stand for days, weeks or months determining your pattern of coming and going. They will likely try to break-in when they know there is no one at home. This means you have to protect your home even when you are not there to stop the break-in from occurring.Break-in Protection

How to Protect Your Home

When you have locks installed make sure they are a Grade 1 or 2. These are the highest quality locks. They are resistant to the devices used my most intruders. You should also consider the quality of your doors. A metal door is a good choice because it is a solid, sturdy material. Also, use deadbolt locks when possible. When installed properly, they are the most resistant to break-ins. You would be surprised to know how much lightening can help you avoid a break-in. When there are bright lights on, an intruder is more easily seen. Therefore, they will likely avoid the homes where there is exterior lighting. Lighting inside your home is also important. When you are not home, you may have lights on that give the impression that someone is home, even if you are not. This is a deterrent for most intruders. An alarm system is the logical choice for some people. However, an extra layer of protection can’t hurt. Make sure that if you do have an alarm system, you display any of the monitoring systems stickers where they can be visibly seen.

Finally, this is something that many homeowner do not think to do but it helps many avoid break-ins; notify neighbors. Most neighborhoods have a neighborhood watch program. It is a good idea to let them know if you plan on being away for any extended amount of time. They can pay particular attention to your home at the time you specify you will be away and notify the authorities if they see any suspicious activity.

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