Locks for Vulnerable Facilities

Locks for Vulnerable Facilities

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 Facilities that house vulnerable people like the elderly, sick and very young require specific types of security door locks. This is designed to keep the occupants inside and the people outside away until it is deemed appropriate. Many of the installations that are done are single action which means they can only be opened on one side. At all times there is a delicate balance between the security requirements of the people who use the property and the deadbolts that have been selected. In this case the look is not as important as how well the entire operation works. On the other hand the locks that are selected must be able to be used in an emergency such as a fire so people are not stuck in the building due to an overly zealous security system.Locks for Vulnerable Facilities

Getting the Safest Locks

The center to center arrangement with between 5 inches and 6 inches is preferred. It will most certainly fit the regulations set by building inspectors and fire Marshalls. Interconnected locksets also make operation much easier. The same method can be used for file cabinets and similarly enclosed areas. A thumb turn is sometimes used on the inside to lock but can easily be overridden by the lever which is large enough to allow virtually anyone to use it. An interconnect device sits between the dead bolt and the lever or knob.  Some offices are also using these types of arrangements, since they are perfect in panic situations. There is virtually no risk of being locked out accidentally and they also allow multiple exits even with a central control point.

 One of the concerns is the level of technical expertise required for repair and occasional replacement. However, the reality is that automated keys arrive as a single package. Therefore, everything works well with each other, can be used for vulnerable facilities like residential homes and hospitals but is equally at home with more commercial properties like hotels. The key is to ensure that the type of dead bolt arrangement selected broadly reflects all the critical requirements of the property. For example children should not be able to reach areas that represent a danger to them while at the same time be able to exit to the fire assembly point when required.

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